Court Orders

Pursuant to Indiana Code, the sheriff must serve all process directed to him from a court or the county executive.  Many of these orders are classified as Civil Filings.

Below, are many types of civil filings, which are all, began at the county clerk’s office. Please review the information below from our county clerk’s office on how to begin a civil filing in Vigo County.

Civil Filings

New filings are filed in the Main Clerk’s Office in the County Courthouse.  We have the following forms available:

  1. Evictions - $125.00 for one Defendant if more than one $10.00 extra per defendant. This includes $28.00 for Sheriff Service. 
  2. Emergency Evictions - $125.00 for one Defendant if more than one $10.00 extra per defendant. This includes Sheriff Service.
  3. Small Claims -$97.00 for one Defendant if more than one $10.00 extra per defendant. Sheriff fees would be $28.00.
  4. Dissolution of Marriage with and without children - $177.00
  5. Replacement Titles - $157.00
  6. Name Change for Adults and Minors - $157.00
  7. Guardianships with DCS involvement - $177.00
  8. Juvenile Paternity - $196.00
  • We accept cash, debit/credit, money orders and cashier checks. No personal checks
  • The forms are located as you walk into the Courthouse to your left or in the Main Clerk’s Office. 
  • The Clerk’s Office does not give out legal advice.  If you have legal questions please contact Indiana Legal Services at 812-330-7668/800-822-4774

The telephone number to the Clerk’s Office is 812-462-3211.

Two common civil filings are eviction and writs of assistance orders. 

An eviction is the court-ordered removal of a tenant from the property where they reside. A landlord may decide to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent, damages, illegal activity, violating the terms of a lease, or if the landlord wishes to take possession of the property.

writ of assistance is a written order (a writ) issued by a court instructing a law enforcement official, such as a sheriff  to perform a certain task. Historically, several types of writs have been called "writs of assistance".[1] Most often, a writ of assistance is "used to enforce an order for the possession of lands".[2] 

The sheriff’s office has officers who provide enforcement of these orders once issued by a court.  If the courts have issued either order to you as a plaintiff and you need assistance in the enforcement of these orders please contact call our office at 812-462-3226 Ext. 7339 or by email at to schedule an appointment for an officer to meet you at the location, officers will attempt to accommodate the orders time and date set if possible.