Inmate Phone Calls

Most inmates have daily access to telephones in their housing units.  Phones are a privilege and may be unavailable for periods of time to ensure the safety and security of the jail.  All communication is monitored and recorded and any calls promoting violence, illegal activity or any other activity that may be viewed as disruptive to the operations or safety of the jail may result in phone call activity to be denied. 

Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls and no messages for inmates will be taken by Corrections staff unless it is a verifiable emergency.  Jail Supervisor will verify thru Hospital, Coroner, and Funeral Home etc.  You can set up an Inmate Sales calling account several ways.  To do it in person or speak with someone, you can call Combine Public Communications at 1-877-998-5678 or visit their Kiosk in our lobby. If you wish to do it online, you can do it via the CPC website by clicking the link below:

You can also download the Inmate Sales app in Google Play or Apple Store via your smart phone:

Android App

Apple App

THE VIGO COUNTY JAIL DOES NOT AND CANNOT ISSUE REFUNDS.  You MUST contact Combined Public Communications for any money issues.